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Dr. Douglas Baker first established a college in the United States in 1972. The college was the first of its kind to offer a systematized course in the Esoteric Sciences. The venture proved very popular and soon enabled a college to be opened in England. Claregate College was thus founded in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire in 1977.

Many hundreds of students attended the college for weekend seminars and evening classes; the college attracted groups from America who came for summer seminars and was the base for Dr. Bakers extensive lecture tours around England.

The college also served as a research centre, where information was gathered from various projects involved in the effects of magnetism, colour, sound, radionics and flower remedies on the human organism.

During the late eighties it became clear that a new approach was needed. In these days of expensive travel and time delays, many people find it difficult to undertake a systematic course of study which requires attendance at an educational institution. This is no less true for the Esoteric Sciences.

To make any sort of headway in the field of metaphysics, a sustained course of directed study is imperative. When the earnest student cannot afford the time or finances to travel to a college, one solution is to provide him or her with a regular flow of material on audio and video cassettes, appropriate diagrams, charts, reference works and textbooks.

It was in response to these needs that The Claregate Correspondence Course was inaugurated, thereby giving people all over the world the opportunity to study the fascinating field of the Esoteric Sciences.

In September 1989, Claregate moved from its college premises in Potters Bar to the Head Office in Essendon, Hertfordshire; this location is the nucleus of the rapidly growing Correspondence Course.


About the Course

The course provides a foundation in Metaphysics that will enable the student to:

The contents of the course have been modelled to incorporate teaching aids that involve the latest technology: MP3 audio lectures, video tapes, special programmes, questionnaires and occult teachings, all in the language of the day.

The student is provided with a carefully planned course of instruction clearly outlining the direction to take. A veritable library of textbooks are recommended, some of which are incorporated into the course, and others that help to enrich the students understanding.

After the second lesson, each student is assigned a personal tutor. The tutor follows the progress of his students and makes bi-annual reports. The tutor is always available to answer queries concerning the course material; this is usually done via E-mail.

For students that do not have the time to read all of the recommended text, most of it is available in the form of downloadeable MP3 audio lectures from www.douglasbaker.org. Amounting to over 300 titles, these lectures contain a wealth of information, much of which is not available in print. 47 of  these (over 50 hours of  lectures) are part of the course and the cost of each lesson covers the appropriate audio lecture(s).

The course provides an infrastructure on which sound expansions of consciousness are likely. The experiences of Dr. Baker, who has spent over 40 years developing his own spiritual capacities, are fundamental to these teachings.

Post Graduate Awards
Through Post Diploma studies, the candidate may be eligible for the degree of Bachelor of Esoteric Sciences (B. ESc.). This award is conferred by the Director of Studies, Dr. Baker, to those students with pre-eminence in their service to Mankind, their diligence in creative meditation, and their knowledge of the Perennial Wisdom.

For information about Post Diploma courses, please write separately to the Chancellor.

Course Structure
The course material comprises 24 lessons; each pack contains two cassette tapes, an information sheet, drawings, a question sheet, work project, and lists of required reading from College textbooks; video tapes are also available to support the syllabus.

With the third lesson, the student is assigned a personal tutor. The tutor is responsible for reviewing submitted work, answering questions and gauging the students progress. Written answers to homework questions are optional, but encouraged.

At the eighth, sixteenth and final lessons, a summary questionnaire is given, this has questions on each of the preceding eight lessons and is designed to ensure that the basic principles have been understood.

Each lesson is expected to take one month to complete, but the students wishing to take longer may do so.

Course Subjects

Anthropogeny (the Origin of Man): The emergence of the mental and astral globes of our planet; the concretion of the physical world from these globes, the evolution of life seen from both the objective and subjective viewpoints; the unfoldment of Root Races; the Rays and the destiny of nations.

Esoteric Healing: Covers the field of astro-mental disorders, etheric conditions and the aetiology of disease, seen from an esoteric view, that takes into account the subtle vehicles or wholeness of Man; includes a series of discourses on the significance of Mans occult anatomy.

Esoteric Astrology: The student is quickly taught to handle and interpret a horoscope so that it can be applied to his immediate needs, as well as those of his family and friends. New and modern systems of interpretation make the Claregate Method of astrology a landmark in the unfoldment of the Esoteric Sciences in the New Age. One of the most important aspects of this astrology is that it teaches a method whereby a dialogue can be established with the Higher Self. From this astrology there is being produced a comprehensive Dictionary of Astrology around which the course is based.

Esoteric Psychology: Takes into account such significant factors as the effect on personality of previous lives, the karma of the individual, and the type and quality of the Rays that govern the various vehicles of the human entity.

        College Lecture open to the public; Rome, May 1996
Each of the 24 lessons covers several subjects. This approach maintains in the student an appreciation of the inclusive and holistic nature of the Esoteric Sciences. The following is a list of the main topics covered in each of the 24 lessons.


 Lesson I Hylozoism; the Spiritual Diary; Spiritual Values.
 Lesson II Postulate Three; the Seven Rays; Intro. to Esoteric Psychology.
 Lesson III Intro. to Esoteric Healing; the Endocrine Glands; difference between Esoteric and Orthodox Healing; the Aetiology of Disease. 
 Lesson IV Intro. to Anthropogeny; Maya; the Subjective Pole of the Logos.
 Lesson V Postulate Four; Man as a Principle of the Universe.
 Lesson VI Prana: its Origin, Circulation and Significance.
 Lesson VII Meditation: its Aims, Purposes and Techniques.
 Lesson VIII Deeper study of endocrine glands; the Vagus Nerve; Symbolism of the Caduceus and its Significance in Healing.
 Lesson IX The Seven Planes and the Unconscious; Signposts on the Path of Spiritual Unfoldment.
 Lesson X Anthropogeny: Paralleling Evolutions; Overlording; Individualisation.
 Lesson XI The Magnetic Aura; Medicine, Magnetism and Healing. 
 Lesson XII Will and Consciousness; Left and Right Hemispheres of the Brain; Meditation and the Forebrain.
 Lesson XIII Stress Disorders and Bach Flower Remedies; Karmic Laws Behind Disease and Rebirth.
 Lesson XIV Esoteric Psychology, Ego Inflation and Alienation; the Psychopomp.
 Lesson XV Anthropogeny; the Fourth Root Race; Supergifted Children. 
 Lesson XVI Cosmogenesis; the Astral Light; the Nirmanakayas. 
 Lesson XVII Intro. to Esoteric Astrology: the difference between Esoteric and Orthodox Astrology; the Rising Signs. 
 Lesson XVIII The Esoteric Significance of the Archetypes; the Language of Symbol; Dictionary of Keywords. 
 Lesson XIX In-depth study of the anatomy of the eye; the Esoteric Significance of Pain
 Lesson XX Esoteric Astrology: determining complexes through the horoscope, extracting aspects. 
 Lesson XXI The Physical Permanent Atom; the Akashic Records.
 Lesson XXII Esoteric Astrology: a study of Wordsworths Moon, the Mental Body and Astrology; Techniques for Chart Interpretation.
 Lesson XXIII White Magic; the Middle Path; Phenomena Explained; Right Attitude to Spiritual Unfoldment. 
 Lesson XXIV The Science of the Antakarana; the Psychology of the Soul. 


Required Reading of Works
Each lesson is supported by the following texts. As mentioned earlier, a vast library of audio cassettes and video tapes supplement the reading of the College text books and can, where time is lacking, provide a suitable alternative source of information. Students are expected to purchase these books as required; however, all students are eligible for a 20% discount on college textbooks.

 Lesson I  The Jewel in the Lotus
 Lesson II  Esoteric psychology; Esoteric Healing, Part I
 Lesson III  Esoteric Anatomy, Part I
 Lesson IV  Anthropogeny; The Psychology of Discipleship
 Lesson V  Meditation, the Theory & Practice
 Lesson VI  Esoteric Healing, Part II
 Lesson VII  Beyond the Intellect
 Lesson VIII  Esoteric Anatomy, Part II
 Lesson IX  The Jewel in the Lotus & Esoteric Psychology
 Lesson X  Esoteric Anatomy Parts 1 & 2
 Lesson XI  The Powers Latent in Man
 Lesson XII  In the Steps of the Masters
 Lesson XIII  Esoteric Healing, Part III
 Lesson XIV  The Spiritual Diary
 Lesson XV The Powers Latent in Man & Anthropogeny 
 Lesson XVI  The Diary of an Alchemist
 Lesson XVII  Esoteric Astrology, Part I
 Lesson XVIII  Esoteric Astrology, Part II
 Lesson XIX  Esoteric Anatomy Parts 1 & 2
 Lesson XX Esoteric Astrology Part II 
 Lesson XXI The Wheel of Rebirth
 Lesson XXII  Esoteric Astrology, Part III
 Lesson XXIII Techniques of Astral Projection; The Phenomena of Materialization; The Significance of UFOs
 Lesson XXIV  Meditation, The Theory and Practice, The Diary of an Alchemist

A comprehensive list of recommended reading is also available and includes works by authors such as Blavatsky, Leadbeater, Bailey, Steiner, Gurdjidff, Jung, etc. Students are encouraged to enrich their course studies by reading these texts.

Costs: After a one-time 50 registration fee, each lesson is 25 which you pay prior to getting the next lesson. Each lesson includes: 

*  About twelve pages of instructions, work projects, assignments, charts and images in printable PDF format.This also
    includes example answers covering the previous lesson's questions.
*  Instructions on how and what audio lectures to download from www.douglasbaker.org and a coupon code you use to pay for them.
*  An assigned tutor (after the second lesson) available to you via E-mail.
*  A 20% student discount on books required for this course.

What to do Next
To join the Claregate Correspondence Course, all you need to do is Register here . Within 10 days you will receive your first lesson, and join the growing number of people who are taking advantage of this excellent course.


 College Staff

Chancellor and Director of Studies
Dr. Douglas M. Baker
B.A. (Natal) M.R.C.S. (London) L.R.C.P. (UK)

Head of Astrology Faculty
Dr. Douglas M. Baker
(Director of Studies)

Head of Psychology Faculty
Joe Hayes B.Mph, D. Es. Psych.


David Zimmerman B.Mph

Raffaele Iandolo B.Mph (Italy)

Audio Visual Department
Mark Weight

email: Douglas Baker


Director of Studies - Italy
Raffaele Iandolo
Spigno, Saturnia 0402
Telephone: +39 (771)  64693
email: Raffaele Iandolo



Whilst both the diploma and degree awarded by the College are valued achievements, especially in the world of those esoterically orientated, it must be understood that they are not a substitute for, nor intended to compete with, any academic awards.

Students may take up to 5 years to complete their course studies, beyond this point by special arrangements only. The materials supplied by the Claregate College Correspondence Course remain the property of the copyright holder, D. M. Baker.



Copyright ©2007, Douglas Baker. All Rights Reserved